Johnny Minick and the stewart brothers

Our purpose is to revive a once vibrant genre of American popular music. Western music, later branded as Country Western, maintained a high profile in the 1940’s & 50’s and then began to decline in the 1960’s with more artists migrating to a more Country flavor.

This vacuum was partially filled with such artists as Sons Of The Pioneers, Foy Willing, Bob Wills, Marty Robbins, just to name a few. Since our American culture is somewhat cyclical, the signs are pointing toward a growing interest in the Western culture. Changes toward Western fashions, design, and now we see the opportunity to reintroduce Western music to this generation of potential fans. Because of the strong brand of Johnny Minick’s name, there is a golden opportunity to create a new genre of Gospel Music and define it as Western Gospel.

This debut project will vary in accompaniment from a small rhythm section to a full orchestra. Our target for the feel and emotion of the music is to capture the massiveness of the soundtrack to a Big Western Movie (The Magnificent Seven) on at least 40% of the project. Another 40% of the project should capture the Western flavor of a “Sons Of The Pioneers” project, and 20% should contain a “Hollywood” Western Swing feel (using Clarinet instead of Fiddle).