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→ Booking an artist

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→ Buying tickets / discounts

As a booking agency we are not involved in the ticket selling process or discounted tickets. Please direct your inquiry to the promoter or venue where your concert will be held.

→ Getting an artist to perform at my party

Due to the overwhelming number of requests to perform these types of events and the hectic touring schedule our artists keep, we are not able to fulfill such requests at this time.

→ Artist representation

The Caldwell Agency partners with artists that are signed to a major record label that offers national distribution and/or a professional management company capable of facilitating that relationship. Because our booking reach is national, we also require that the artist have national radio airplay and national distribution, which is why the label component is so important. Without these pieces, our value in a partnership is diminished for an artist, as it truly requires a team approach for everything to work to the artist’s full benefit.

→ Sending a song to one of your artists

The Caldwell Agency is not able to accept demos, lyrics or songs in any form due to copyright issues and legal liabilities. If you are an aspiring songwriter, the Gospel Music Association is a great resource for you.

→ Meeting one of your artists

The artist's management company is responsible for meet and greets at concerts. Please direct your request to them. You can typically find this information on the artists' official website.