Allison speer

Allison Speer was raised in the Bluegrass fields of Kentucky, and even a land as vast as that was not big enough to contain her talent. Her early childhood was spent enjoying spring vegetable gardens and sun drying autumn apples; tending cattle and crops, and developing a deep respect for God's creation gave her a down-home sense of self.

A concert by The Imperials was Allison's earliest introduction to Christian music. She watched as Russ Taff performed the songs, "Praise the Lord" and "New Creation," and was instantly passionate about the gospel word set to song. The passion she felt that night has taken her to the stage, performing alongside Russ Taff, and as a regular on the Gaither Homecoming videos and tours. "It's so surreal to perform next to Russ; he and The Imperials are the reason I fell in love with Christian music in my teens. That means that Russ is a considerable number of years older than me, a fact I continually remind him of."

Allison communicates the Gospel in all she does, in mega-churches such as First Baptist Atlanta (Dr. Charles Stanley), The Brooklyn Tabernacle, First Baptist Orlando (Rev. Jim Henry), as well as small rural churches. She has also been a featured artist for many Bible study cruises with Charles Stanley and D. James Kennedy. She has also performed with evangelists Luis Palau, Bailey Smith, David Ring, and Johnny Hunt (First Baptist Church of Woodstock, GA). Her appearances on the Gaither Homecoming videos, The 700 Club, and The Trinity Broadcasting Network have left the nation wanting more of this incredible singer.

She has been the guest soloist at the national Southern Baptist Convention, the Nazarene General Assembly, and numerous Praise Gatherings and Family Fest Events hosted by Bill Gaither. Her time has been spent touring with the Gaither Vocal Band and Gaither Trio, and with Mark Lowry and Wayne Watson, as well as keeping a hectic schedule of solo appearances.

Allison's latest recording, "Writer," is her first self-penned project, featuring songs co-written with some of Gospel music’s finest writers. “Writer” showcases the depths of her musical abilities and her passion for presenting the Gospel with unique poetry and melodies. Her performance seems effortless but pushes you beyond the voice to allow you to become one with the intimate message. "Writer" is packed with scripture and Biblical truths for the ages. Allison says, "This is the first project I’ve written and it gave me a freedom of expression that I've never had before."

This talented woman's unique gift of storytelling embraces you with the comfort of a good friend. Allison says, "One of the multitude of things that I learned from my years touring with Bill and Gloria Gaither - and am still learning - is that the warmth and comfort of your own living room is a wonderful atmosphere to strive for in a concert."